Deep dive into search behaviors in China
OMD China
21 November 2018

As digitization continues to sweep through China, consumer behaviors are transforming – with Chinese mobile consumers now holding the world record for having the highest number of apps on their devices (over 100). To better understand the digital forces shaping consumer behaviors in China, OMD has released its latest trends report, providing insights and direction on how businesses can adapt their communications approach in light of these developments.

View the report here: 2019 Digital Trends – OMD China.pdf

The report summarizes the latest digital developments into five trends, with the corresponding implications for brands in China:

1.    From Mass Media to Relevant Media

Consumer interest in niche Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), content and apps only continues to increase. As demand for relevance intensifies, consumers will no longer accept a mass, singular message across platforms, expecting platform-specific tailored messaging that is hyper-relevant to them instead.

2.    Digital-Driven Convenience

The demand for convenience-focused solutions has increased, with mobile devices being the gateway to such solutions. Advertisers need to ensure they are creating convenience for consumers through frictionless experiences and removing any barriers that may be considered disruptive to a seamless consumer experience.

3.    Offline and Online Worlds Colliding

There has been an increasing preference among consumers for holistic brand experiences, across screens and between online and offline channels. Brands have started investing in creating lifestyle experiences that involve digital elements (i.e. VR or AR), while eCommerce giants have started invading offline spaces with pop-up experiences in physical locations. Both result in a richer consumer experience where online and offline worlds collide into a seamless integration.

4.    Online Video Demand Continues

Online video consumption has increased by 60% in the last two years alone, with no decline in sight for 2019. However, consumers are now consuming a more diversified range of videos. Growth is expected in the form of short videos, newsfeed videos and traditionally non-video spaces or platforms. As a result, advertisers are anticipated to diversify their digital video approach, with platform-specific creatives to remain relevant.

5.    The Evolution of Digital Media Performance and Optimization

As investment continues to grow in data management solutions that yield stronger digital media performance and optimization, the digital landscape will evolve further, moving towards a more fluid and ongoing performance analysis and optimization process. This will require both speed and data consolidation to identify nuanced performance insights that can impact planning and optimization. Additionally, connecting media performance to business metrics and objectives will become increasingly important to clients in this new environment.


Samantha Jahnke, Head of Digital: “As the digital landscape continues to evolve, brands are faced with the challenge of understanding all the latest advances and how they apply to their communications strategies. In our latest trends report, we have summarized the developments in China’s digital landscape in order to advise our clients on key opportunities to future-proof their businesses. There is tremendous opportunity for those who become early adopters of digital innovation and this report aims to help facilitate that.”


Aaron Wild, CEO: “At OMD, we are constantly measuring the pulse of change in China’s dynamic communications landscape, equipping our clients with the insights they require to make Better decisions, faster and remain at the forefront of market transformation. We look forward to sharing more insights from our ongoing research initiatives with the industry, so that we can collectively build on our learnings and unite in unlocking the full opportunities of digital in a unique marketplace like China, which has the potential to set the pace for the rest of the world when it comes to digital innovation.”

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