Why OMD?

Better decisions, faster

Why OMD?
Learn fast, Act fast
To help navigate the road to a ‘new normal’, learning from, and acting upon data signals at scale and speed is crucial. Complementing our holistic marketing operating system Omni, and our guiding end-to-end process OMD Design, we have deepened our rapid response capabilities for the current environment by developing a proprietary Fast Start Dashboard and Act Fast Framework. Our proprietary dashboard combines multiple data sources, fueling more informed decisions while providing a single version of the truth on emerging trends & opportunities. The unique Act Fast Framework provides the roadmap to navigate these complex decisions now & in the weeks and months ahead.
Why OMD?
Better brand safety
OMD is evolving the definition of Brand Safety to become Brand Responsibility: a comprehensive approach to the impact of media investment that helps brands to understand and improve how well their values and commitments match their media activity, and helps drive those commitments through the advertising marketplace. The Brand Decision Framework is a first: a data driven approach for aligning each brand’s individual corporate and marketing values and media investments. This helps drive better brand safety decisions, limits context-driven damage to brands, helps improve the amount of high-quality inventory in the marketplace, and helps brands to drive major goals like diversity and inclusion across the ad ecosystem.  
The proof
Better business outcomes
OMD is the world’s largest media network with more than 12,000 people working in over 100 countries. Our ambition is to make Better decisions, faster for our clients and our people. Decisions that result in better business outcomes and are enabled by our superior set of integrated capabilities; operated by the industry’s best talent and delivered at scale through a globally consistent, yet flexible, process and platform.    
Better partnerships
We believe actions speak louder than words. Where honesty and transparency rule. Where experiences are built that connect with people, drive growth and make businesses stronger. And where better decisions are made faster. Together.

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