OMD places #1 in RECMA and COMvergence latest rankings

OMD confirms leadership by being named RECMA’s best-performing media network globally, in North America and EMEA. COMvergence also ranks OMD as the #1 global agency network, with #1 positions also held across North America, EMEA, the Middle East, the USA, the UK, and Singapore.


OMD launches Responding Rapidly 22/23

OMD launches Responding Rapidly 22/23, featuring over 18 experts from across the network. The digital book provides actionable insights, examples, and case studies looking forward to 2023 and examines key learnings from 2022.

Why OMD?

Better decisions, faster

We are the world’s largest media agency network. A people-obsessed, outcomes-focused business that applies evidence and data-driven insights, combining empathy and inclusion, to drive performance and growth.


OMD’s new leaders on priorities for the business

OMD Worldwide’s CEO, George Manas and OMD APAC’s CEO, Charlotte Lee discuss with Campaign Asia OMD’s business transformation services, digital and performance marketing and talent development.


Linking human attention to mental availability

Mental availability is closely related to market share growth and decline, and is widely accepted as an indicator of brand strength.


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