OMD at Advertising Week 2020
OMD Worldwide
22 September 2020

This year Advertising Week is a reimagined virtual event for a global audience, bringing together 6 markets over 8 days from September 29th to October 8th. The agenda is purpose-built to bring the marketing, media, technology, and creative industries together to drive change.


OMD will be taking part in a variety of sessions – kicking off the event with an exclusive look at our Fast Start Suite and over the following days joining our clients and partners from around the world to discuss everything from brand loyalty to the future of mobile entertainment. Read the below schedule to find out what to look forward to from OMD at Advertising Week 2020.


The Debrief:

We will be giving our views on the top themes coming out of AW20, pulling out key areas of focus and sharing our point-of-view; offering solutions, tangible advice and ways in which we can offer added value.


Full OMD Programming

1. How do you make better decisions faster for your brand, when the world stops?

OMD has built a reputation for innovative approaches to helping increase agility with our clients. The pressures of the coronavirus have provided an opportunity to forge new tools and approaches that have helped us deliver better decisions, faster when they are needed most. Join us for a close look at some of what has been developed, from rapid planning and intelligence gathering to groundbreaking quantitative methods for deciding when and where to pause social media and other channels in the face of content of concern.

Hear from OMD’s Global Head of Technology & Emerging Platforms, Israel Mirsky, and OMD EMEA Chief Product Development Officer, Jean-Paul Edwards on how the agency’s Fast Start Suite is using market signals to help brands navigate their recovery. We will explore sector insights to demonstrate how the power of data and network collaboration gives brands invaluable data to predict trends, support decisions authentically and empathetically, and advertise accordingly.


Where to watch:

Tuesday 29th September at 10:30am EDT

AWLearn Channel


What you’ll learn:

  1. A look behind the curtain at tools developed and used at OMD to track and navigate rapid change.
  2. Hear how scenario planning has taken on a new dimension, with the need to create plans for untold market scenarios. How will cancellable media affect Christmas planning? What is the “new normal” on long-term planning?
  3. A close look at the quantitative decision support approach OMD uses to help brands decide when and how to shut off investment in given channels in the face of platform issues like hate speech or disinformation.


2. Unlocking Brand Loyalty through Community & Belonging

With 430M monthly users, 130,000+ active communities and a user base growing at a rate of 30% YoY, Reddit represents untapped potential for brands looking to connect deeply with passionate and highly engaged consumers they can’t find elsewhere. In this session, Reddit COO Jen Wong and OMD UK Chief Planning Officer, Vicky Fox will discuss how and why consumer behaviour online is changing, the inherent trust consumers place in digital communities, and the incredible opportunity it presents for brands who listen and respond.


Where to watch:

Thursday 1st October at 10:30am EDT

Rebuilding Channel presented by Twitter


What you’ll learn:

  1. How participation in online communities is replacing traditional me-centric social sharing
  2. The value of interest-based communities for brands willing to listen, learn and participate with their consumers
  3. How leading international brands are leveraging Reddit to connect with highly engaged users to drive action, advocacy and maximum performance


3. Setting new standards in Government Digital Advertising

Brand Safety.

Transparency in the Programmatic waterfall.

Data Best Practice.

Returning safely to a social platform.

All known, longstanding challenges that the industry continues to grapple with…

In this session you will hear from the HM Government Communications Service – Chief Media & Marketing Data Officer, Amanda Svensson – and the Government’s media buying agency, OmniGOV at Manning Gottlieb OMD – Head of Digital, Matthew Taylor – on how they are working together to transform elements of the Government’s approach to digital marketing to better navigate these challenges.


Where to watch:

Friday 2nd October at 6:00am EDT

AWLearn Channel


What you’ll learn:

1) The SAFE framework for Government brand safety

2) The creation of a Government SSP

3) Least Data by Default

4) SAFE return to YouTube


4. Snap: The Future of Mobile Entertainment is Here

With the number of worldwide video viewers projected to reach 2.72 billion in 2023, understanding how mobile video fits into consumers’ lives is more important than ever. Snapchat has pioneered new forms of mobile storytelling and made the ‘Discover’ environment a news and entertainment destination for hundreds of millions of Snapchatters. Hear from Snap, the National Research Group, and Agency leaders – including Susanna Earnest, Managing Director, OMD – as they discuss how Gen Z and Millennials are engaging with this rising form of entertainment.


Where to watch:

Tuesday 6th October at 11:00am EDT

Entertainment Channel


What you’ll learn:

  1. An understanding of how Gen Z and Millennials spend their time on mobile, as it relates to video
  2. The importance of premium, diverse, and brand-safe content
  3. What to expect as we enter a new era of mobile-first experiences


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