OMD Digest I Retail Media. Episode 5: Retail Media in APAC

The APAC region has historically set trends in tech and innovation in eCommerce and retail media for the rest of the world. The region’s diverse and complex landscape means one size doesn’t fit all. Clients must be open to adapting and innovating quickly as the landscape continuously changes.

In the fifth and final episode of OMD Digest: Retail Media, Connie Chan, CEO of OMD China, is joined by Carlos Matriana, Head of Innovation & eCommerce, OMG APAC, and shares insights and predictions to help clients engage with APAC consumers. The pair dive into the eCommerce festival phenomenon and live streaming in APAC, future trends, and share the importance of valuing your people and how to take a holistic planning approach to maximize client satisfaction.

Carlos and Connie explain that the APAC region has led innovation. “China has led the way, with a key area being eCommerce festivals. We are seeing not only the APAC region but globally brands are adopting these things.” Carlos shares. He explains that “festivals are so popular as they meet that demand, and we see people still making purchases throughout the year, but really ramping up around these days.”

Live streaming has gained increasing popularity in the APAC region, and it is continuously evolving and changing, with a recent demand for more entertainment value from consumers. Carlos identifies market conditions, seasonality, and demand as they key ingredients for growth in this area. “We have seen strong sales but also see the need to ensure future sales by having those elements where you can engage with consumers, and a lot of that is born through entertainment,” Carlos explains, identifying entertainment as the driver for generating demand and converting this demand to growth.

A holistic planning approach, partnerships, and investing in people are critical to ensure a seamless integration strategy. Connie explains that “platform certifications and investing in our people are crucial to ensure we remain the experts and keep up to date with changes and developments in the industry” Connie explains.

This, alongside contextualizing elements across retail media, is key to maximizing client satisfaction. Carlos explains that having sufficient benchmarks allows teams to look at comparisons and focus on that in a continuously evolving landscape. “In managing clients’ expectations, what is great about the Omnicom approach is that we are honest and open. It allows us to have open conversations with clients to build that trust. It is a testament to how we like to build business.”

Connie and Carlos agree on one final crucial element – streamlining. Carlos explains that “we look to simplify commerce, in general, to ensure clients can buy in and exceed customer expectations by ensuring our talent is upskilled and enthusiastic. That enthusiasm leads to innovation and being a leader in this space”.


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