OMD Digest. Episode 3: Moving at the speed of consumers

In the third episode of OMD Digest: content, we dive into a growing topic of 2023 – moving at the speed of consumers.  

Media plans from five years ago don’t cut it today, but personalization, context, and appropriate programming mean we can move at the ever-growing pace of consumers.  

In this guest episode, Treva Thimm, Managing Director of The Content Collective, is joined by Rajan Sehmi, Managing Director of Adylic, to discuss how personalization enables marketers to cut through more layers and reach more customers in the right way that matters to them.  

The pair touch on how omni allows us to think about audiences in new ways and how personalization lets us message them more effectively.  

Watch the full episode now and engage with our teasers on LinkedIn.   

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