OMD FWD: 2nd December 2021
2 December 2021

This week has seen a lot of changes in the Twittersphere. On Monday, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, announced that he is stepping down. The social media platform also announced that images or videos of private individuals shared without their permission are now against its policies and can be removed on request.

  • TikTok tagging is here 📱 Tag – you’re it! TikTok’s trying out a new way to boost engagement with a video tagging feature that would enable you to tag other profiles in your clips.
  • Reddit enhances video tools 📹 The updated camera will provide recording speed options, video timers, the capacity to upload clips in landscape and portrait mode, as well as clipping options.


  • A unique hotel experience 🚐 Cabana is a new hotel business model on wheels. Cabana’s vans are designed and equipped to be a unique boutique hotel experience. Consumers can book a van via an app, and take the hotel camper wherever their adventures lead!


  • Is TikTok the new inspiration platform? 54% of TikTokers say that they exchange ideas with other people on TikTok.
  • Facebook found that demographic strategy campaigns are 60% more likely to outperform interest strategy campaigns.
  • This year Twitch added 350 tags to help users find streamers by identifiers like gender, sexuality, race and ability.
  • The most popular GIF in 2021 comes from the US version of ‘The Office’, with Stanley’s stoic expression. It has been viewed 636 million times.

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