Meet the OMD EMEA Data and Tech team
12 February 2024

OMD EMEA data and tech team in London continues to power the agency’s position in digital, data, and technology to drive business transformation for clients.

Miles Pritchard, Data and Transformation partner at OMD EMEA, recognises the incredible talent within this team. Collectively and individually, the team supports OMD’s digital transformation, from world-class digital campaign tracking and developing data opportunities to audience optimization, building effective data governance strategy, and more.

Get to know some of the team and how they support OMD’s vision below:

Asli Aydin, Data Governance Team Lead, OMD EMEA: I have been with OMD EMEA’s Data Governance and Visualisation team for about 1.5 years. I have primarily worked on the Mercedes-Benz account, taking care of Paid Media taxonomy and dashboards, and I’ve recently taken up other accounts like Levi’s. Having BSc in Statistics and MSc in International Relations, I have always undertaken hybrid roles within media where I juggled quantitative works with the business side but, I’ve always managed to stay very close to “data”. My biggest passion is spending time with my two daughters, playing and watching tennis, making long road trips to explore unknown parts of different countries, and reading book summaries – short ones are my favourite.

Mouna Ellebbane, Audience Solutions Senior Executive, OMD EMEA: I work on the Audience Solutions team at OMD EMEA, driving Levi’s audience adoption.​ I’m in and out of our CDP, ensuring we make the most of our audiences. I also help to onboard new markets, as well as recommending amazing new providers, and much more! I love being a part of something new and exciting and every day, I get to learn something new.​ When I’m not at work, I’m enjoying all things that calm the mind. I’m Reiki 1 certified and love to take and host meditations, and get creative with paints/clay.​

Tom Ryan, Ad Ops Manager, OMD EMEA: I’ve worked in ad ops since 2017 and have worked across multiple publishers and agencies. I help teams set up and track their digital campaigns and ensure that all reporting is accurate so the teams can source actionable insights. I love my job because I can get exposure to many parts of digital advertising and I’m learning something new every day. My current clients are Tourism Ireland, Sony Pictures and King. My hobbies include going to gigs and cooking – I make a mean jerk chicken!

Bhavin Mandora, Data Governance & Visualisation Senior Manager, OMD EMEA: I’m Bhav, and I have been at OMD just under a year as a Data Gov and Vis Manager. I have mainly been working on Tourism Ireland and Pepsi accounts, but I have recently joined Levi’s and Mercedes Benz (Go Team X!).  I have a finance background and graduated from Sheffield Hallam with a degree in Accounting and Financial management. You have probably seen me before and not even noticed I was once the face of a national electronics chain (still on Google Images). In my spare time, I love watching Football, playing badminton, board games and watching movies.

Erica Minor, Audience Solutions Director, OMD EMEA: I have been on the audience solutions team for the past year and a half, working primarily on Mercedes-Benz and, more recently, Bacardi. My focus within digital advertising has been mainly analytical, but since starting at OMD EMEA, I’ve been able to expand my knowledge on the innovation side of the business.​ Outside of work, I’m a major foodie. I love trying new restaurants as well as making new recipes at home. I also love hiking, traveling, and watching trash TV.

Paul Bongers, Data Partnerships Lead, OMD EMEA: I work in the Audience Solutions team at OMD EMEA. I have been on the team for over a year and a half and am now working on Mercedes-Benz. My role at OMD EMEA is data partnerships, focused on evaluating and testing new solutions to find those elusive luxury car buyer audiences. My past experience in media has been across research, strategy, partnerships, and publishing – working on client, data, research, and agency sides. Outside of work, I love to travel, hike, and garden. 

Shayna Pearson, Managing Partner, Marketing Intelligence, OMD EMEA: I currently manage Data and Analytics for Tourism Ireland and Burberry. Work that falls into my remit includes Data Governance & Visualisation, Data Science, AdOps, Audience, Tag Management, Marketing Science, and traditional Marketing Research. Over the past 6 years of working at OMD, I have helped to grow revenue and scopes for key clients by working collaboratively with them to solve everyday business problems with data. Creating integrated programmes across disciplines and having cross-team collaboration excites me. When clients see how our offerings all connect, they understand better how we can work together to produce better results for their business. In my free time, I try to juggle self-care (yoga, massage, facials), having fun with my amazing daughter, traveling, soaking up outdoor time, cookies, etc.

Jack Ryan, Audience Solutions Senior Manager, OMD EMEA: I’ve been at OMD for around a year, and work mostly with Mercedes-Benz. The team fills an exciting niche, focussed on guiding the targeting strategies across international markets and driving innovation in advertising. Since graduating, my career has varied working across OOH, online gaming, and D2C. I enjoy hiking and traveling and I’m a lifelong movie buff. I’m trying to spend more time in nature with a weekly gardening session. 

Chevonne Fernandes, Data Governance and Visualisation Manager, OMD EMEA: I’m Chev and I’ve been with OMD’s Data Science team for just over a year. I mainly work on the Tourism Ireland account, using data to help us shape future strategies by delivering analytics and dashboards. I graduated with a degree in Physics from the University of Leeds, where I led a project on Quantum Computation and also became fascinated by space. So come and ask me about stars and black holes any time (or space!). I also love trying out new activities and, most recently have been kayaking and indoor skydiving.

Charan Reddy, Data Engineer Senior Manager, OMD EMEA: I work on building effective and efficient data pipelines for the clients as well as the cross-functional teams like Data Science, Data Visualization, and Strategy teams within OMD. I have worked with two different clients -Mercedes and BIC- and I’m currently focusing on working with multiple projects within Mercedes. I’m super excited that the Data Engineering team has grown over the past few months and become stronger to manage new and upcoming projects. During my free time, I love exploring and traveling. I love to play badminton during my weekends. 

Dan Shine, Senior Manager, Data Management Solutions at OMD EMEA: I’ve worked at OMD for just over 4 years in my time I have worked across a range of brands from; Bacardi, FedEx, Hasbro, Levi’s, TI and Mercedes. I have been in the industry nearly 10 years starting life out in comms planning.​ I like to think of myself as highly analytical, data driven, and with a drive to automate leveraging my extensive experience in data tools such as Alteryx, MCI (Datorama), GCP, PowerBi and Tableau. I am an expert in building advanced data sets and dashboards, enabling client teams to produce in-depth analysis of media activity.​ Outside of work, I have a few things I enjoy; My one true love is watching Manchester United. Binge-watching the latest trash that comes out on Netflix. I also like eating.

Ali Malek​, Executive Director, OMD EMEA: I’m Ali, and I’m thrilled to be part of the Data Science team for almost a year. Currently, I’m focused primarily on our exciting Mercedes-Benz projects, specifically Media Decision Engine (MDE) and Automated Propensity Targeting (APT). My true passion lies in ensuring that we adopt and uphold the best practices to deliver robust, top-notch products. My journey has led me through the fascinating realms of theoretical physics, where I earned my PhD from the University of Göttingen in Germany, and into the dynamic world of artificial intelligence.As an Iranian, I also bring a touch of my culture to the table – quite literally! I take pride in preparing a variety of delicious kebabs that I’m more than happy to share with my colleagues.

Apolo Siskos, Data Visualisation & Governance Director at OMD EMEA: I work as a Data Governance and Visualisation Director at OMD EMEA. I have been in the team for the past 2 years, and my main focus was on PepsiCo and Sony. My focus within digital advertising has been mainly focused on the backend of large datasets and the visualisation of the insights. Outside of work, my passions include motorsports, music (including genres from melodic black metal to hip hop, classical, or jazz), food, gym, and, of course, traveling.

Demetris Partou​, Director, Data Governance and Visualisation, OMD EMEA: I’m Demetris and I work in the Data Governance & Visualisation team . I’ve been with OMD for just shy of 4 years now and have worked primarily across the Tourism Ireland account.I take pride in building highly functional, empowering dashboards that can serve a multitude of user needs, utilising my extensive knowledge of front-end tools such as Tableau and PowerBI. In my spare time, I like to play video games, play golf extremely badly, and try my hand at anything DIY (for better or for worse). I also enjoy making cocktails and cooking, as it’s one of the few bits of effort in life that I can eat afterward.

Ruth Addario​, Director, Audience Solutions, OMD EMEA: I lead Audience Solutions on Levi’s at OMD EMEA. Our team is all about integrating and expanding 1st party data capabilities to empower media via a CDP, alongside creating a curated marketplace for 2nd and 3rd party data opportunities to reach new customers, we then develop audience use cases that can be activated across digital channels. ​I think the best part of my job is unlocking new audience opportunities and testing new providers, with an eye to the cookieless world, as this provides a greater understanding of our customers, which is crucial in the everchanging tech ecosystem.​ When I am not analyzing audiences, you could probably find me trying the newest Italian restaurants in London, going to concerts/exhibitions, or taking reformer Pilates/art classes! 

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