OMD FWD: 18th August 2022
19 August 2022

This week’s FWD covers the success of the Snapchat+ launch. Snapchat has released a statement saying that the company’s paid subscription plan Snapchat+, which launched in June, now has more than one million users across the globe.

The platform has also introduced new features like priority replies to celebrities, new post view emoji, Bitmoji backgrounds and custom app icons to its subscribers.


  • TikTok launches new shopping ads as it continues to push ahead with its eCommerce integrations, allowing brands to promote their products in-stream.
  • LinkedIn has announced a new tool to make visual content more engaging in posts, including clickable links, templates with custom fonts and backgrounds.


  • Nextar is a tech company, that makes dash cams to record your drives, backs up important videos to the cloud, and provides immediate evidence to your phone in case of an accident.


  • Facebook launches global B2B targeting audience segments for B2B marketers to reach key decision makers across businesses.
  • Meta unveils its most advanced AI Chatbot in the US, BelnderBot3, which aims to create factually accurate conversational virtual assistant.
  • Amazon One expansion brings palm payments to Whole Foods, the new payment method allows users to use their palm as a payment over contactless.
  • Instagram makes changes to the Home Feed recommendations, better aligning with a users interests over highlighting the latest viral content.

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