CES 2021 x OMD Italy: Health
3 March 2021

The first ever, four-day virtual CES took place 11-14th January 2021 – the exciting week was filled with product highlights, ancillary partners and exhibitor programing. Despite the impact of COVID-19 felt around the world, the innovation we all know and love from CES transported us into our remote headquarters.

To continue the conversation on the emerging insights and tech trends from CES, discover what OMD Italy has to say on the 5 key trends that were shared this year. The fourth big trend is about health.



Giorgia Paloschi, Digital Strategy Director said this:

“During the pandemic, technologies for virus protection and environment sanitation is unmissable. The trend that emerged from CES surrounding the health industry was the attention dedicated to self-diagnostic devices. Hospitals have become difficult places to visit, and we are now afraid of staying in waiting rooms too long and so the possibility of performing diagnostics and taking prevention tests comfortably from your own home is highly interesting and one to watch. Having a “connected health care system” will greatly reduce personal interactions between patients, doctors, specialists and pharma providers but this raises the issue of “sensitive data processing”: where does my personal data go? And who will be using it? These concerns require codes of conduct from health care companies as well as require strict regulations at a national level and the health institution themselves.”


Brand examples: 

Samsung 1DROP lets you check your blood status (uric acid, glucose, hemoglobin, cholesterol) by analyzing a drop of blood with the 1DROP kit where the sensor, that sits in a special case for your smartphone, will display the result in a few seconds and can be communicated to your doctor.

Danish Miiskin APP can spot skin cancer early thanks to smartphone camera resolution. It uses machine learning, computer vision and augmented reality to make skin exams easy to conduct and analyse from the comfort of your own home.

iSyncWave is a Korean helmet combining electroencephalogram with artificial intelligence. It promises to highlight the first signs of a neurological disease, that can develop into dementia. It works with a mobile app connected to a cloud platform and users can quickly share their data with doctors and mental health professionals.


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