OMD FWD: 23rd June
23 June 2022

This week’s FWD covers Meta’s VR journey – in a rare move, the company make it clear they are not giving up on high-end VR experiences by sharing insight on several VR headset prototypes at once.

According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the goal is to craft a product that can pass the ‘visual Turing Test’ or to the point where virtual reality is practically indistinguishable from the real world. For Meta’s critics, this insight flags signs that the company wants to own reality, even after Zuckerberg’s statement saying he does not want to own the metaverse completely.


  • Snapchat is developing a new ‘Snapchat+’ subscription service, offering users access to a range of exclusive and experimental app features and tools.
  • Amazon has announced that it will start Prime Air drone delivery service this year in the US. It’s the first company to use drones for customer deliveries in the US.


  • Veo, is an AI camera that streams sports matches in real-time through an automated platform. Veo grants instant access to recorded videos, limiting the need for camera crews.


  • Instagram has launched an updated version of its new full-screen main feed test, which expands Instagram posts.
  • Data privacy proposal in the USA looks to ban the sale of location and healthcare data, following Roe v. Wade case.
  • Pinterest launches ‘Idea Ads’, an ad format designed to give brands a way to connect with audiences to drive traffic and inspire sales.
  • Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces the launch of a digital-clothing store, where you can buy outfits for your avatar.

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