OMD FWD: 12th May 2022
17 May 2022

In light of Mental Health Awareness Month, FWD follows TikTok’s recent announcements to support the event including new spotlights and live events.

TikTok announces a range of live stream events and in-app activations to help users find relevant assistance and support for their mental health, and further de-stigmatise mental health conversations on social media.

To help users find relevant content, the app will share a range of content under the hashtags #MentalHealthAwareness, #SelfCare, and #LetsTalkMentalHealth.


  • Snapchat continues to lead the way in made-for-mobile shows, with new Snap Originals. Featuring big A-listers and digital creators from around the world.
  • Instagram’s NFTs journey began this week, as they work with a handful of US-based artists and collectors who will be able to share their NFTs on the platform.


  • The ‘RoboBurger‘ is a robotic burger machine that can dispense a ready-to-eat burger in six minutes by the machine’s robo-chef. The vending machine-sized robo-kitchen is also equipped with self-cleaning technology.



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