Forbes names Cristina Barranco among 100 Most Influential Women in Spain
10 November 2022

Originally published on Forbes

There is life beyond the influencer phenomenon, which focuses on the power that emanates from social networks. Proof of the existence of another type of influence is in this list, which brings together 100 influential women in Spain, with or without a presence in social networks. Inside and outside the world of business, sports, culture, or art, among other disciplines, their names are synonymous with leadership, innovation, future, and vindication.

Featuring in the 100 Most Influential Women list is Cristina Barranco, Managing Director, OMD España:

Cristina’s relationship with OMD began in London in 2005; from then until 2015 she held various positions in both the United Kingdom and Spain. Before re-joining to lead the Iberian zone of the largest network of media agencies in the world, she was director of Initiative and Performics Spain. As for her training, she has strengthened her journalism studies with management and communication programmes.

For the full list of Forbes Spain’s 100 Most Influential Women, read here: The 100 most influential women in Spain 2022 – Forbes Spain


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