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Fatigue is the third biggest killer on Australian roads, and they have some of the longest driving distances in the world. Authorities recommend stopping to rest every 2 hours for at least 15 minutes. Young drivers are the most at risk because they tend to power through.

As accident numbers spike over the summer holidays, as young drivers hit the road on long road trips.

Using Crash Index Data to identify the longest and most dangerous stretches of roads they selected 52 towns where young drivers could stop and rest. Combining this with Facebook interest-based data targeting, they delivered geo-targeted travel guides promoting the AAMI RestTowns, with a link to a Spotify 2-hour road trip based on their chosen route and location. Also Including local incentives to encourage them to stop. The messages were based on their interest data, like coffee, food, landscapes or shopping; along with local attractions and incentives to encourage them to stop.

Reduction in motor accident claims during the campaign period.
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