Buy Better, Wear Longer

Core of sustainable fashion

Levi’s has been committed to Sustainability for over 15 years. The brand has continued to take powerful steps towards acting responsibly for the environment. In 2021, Levi’s decided to take its commitment to Sustainability one step further; motivated by fast fashion and its impact on climate change.

They launched ‘Buy Better, Wear Longer’ to raise awareness, educate consumers and reduce Levi’s discounted sales.

The campaign ensured anyone who was exposed to Levi’s commitment messages was re-targeted with the sustainable products and driven to their Sustainability page to explore Levi’s commitments. Optimised Ecommerce investment outside of sale periods encourages more conscious buying and reduces item returns. A further sustainability checklist for partner media meant the campaign itself was set to a high sustainability standard and authentically reflect Levi’s commitments.

Finally, a partnership with Vice Media Group that educated consumers about sustainable fashion in 3 areas: Wearing, Caring and Buying.

Using trusted partners and giving consumers the facts helps them make better decisions
More completed view than planned
“Levi’s has a strong commitment to the environment” increased
Raised from "Donate for Good formats”
Consumers consider themselves more educated
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