Doritos - Gaming while Black

bolstering the voices of Black gamers

Doritos launched #AmplifyBlackVoices program in 2020 to support the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Black and African American community. The program was received positively, and Doritos wanted to ensure that it became a movement, not a moment.

To extend the program, Doritos launched SOLID BLACK, a new multi-platform initiative backed by action and funding to bolster the voices of Black innovators and creators.

Partnering with 3BlackDot (3BD), a digital entertainment studio they created 3BD’s ‘GAMING WHILE BLACK’ series to amplify Black voices within the gaming space. With Doritos as the première sponsor, 8 YouTube shows were created together with Black creators, culminating in over 80 other organic videos. The content aimed to help Black gamers become more discoverable within the gaming community and break the mold of how the typical gamer is perceived.

By bolstering the voices of Black gamers and creators Doritos has continued to help the momentum of change.
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