OMD Spain presents Hack Entertainment
30 April 2021

OMD Spain presented ‘Hack Entertainment’, a dots by OMD experience, to discuss the challenge brands face transitioning from interrupting to interesting content and how brands can integrate into the ever-changing and growing entertainment sector. 

The event looked at how the pandemic has driven transformation in the entertainment industry, promoting key aspects such as digitisation, personalisation, and the intelligent use of data, as a result of evolving consumer habits 

With the increase in audience numbers and rocketing increase in consumption time, OMD Spain’s Cristina Barranco, and Anabel Varela examined the direct impact on brands and the importance of entertainment value to create more direct and meaningful connections with consumers and to be less intrusive.  

OMD Spain was also joined by some of the leading industry names in the sector: 

  • Atresmedia discussed how brands can become an essential element in entertainment production.  
  • Twitch Spain shared how Twitch has become one of the main spaces for content broadcasting and how brands are taking advantage of it. 
  • And from the UK, Framestore, shared how to create as many realities as we can imagine producing relevant content. 

Click here to watch the full ‘Hack Entertainment’ webinar: 

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