OMD FWD: 25.01.2023
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25 January 2023

In this week’s FWD, we first take a look at McDonald’s interactive, AI-powered ad campaign for the Lunar New Year in collaboration with digital content creator Karen X Cheng.

Incorporating neural radiance fields (NeRF) technology, the 30-second ad spot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create a 3D scene. McDonald’s is one of the first brands to include this technology in an ad and the campaign also includes an AR filter on Instagram and a metaverse experience.

McDonald’s Senior Director of Cultural Engagement Strategy said in a press release, “We know our fans live at the intersection of innovation and culture, and that’s where McDonald’s needs to meet them”


  • The NBA and Meta extend their partnership by launching a new virtual experience in Horizon Worlds with NBA-licensed virtual clothing in the Meta Avatar Store.
  • Gatorade launches social media challenge to promote new energy drink, Fast Twitch. To enter, consumers must post a video showing what their pre-game stadium run-through would look like.

New Product

  • Roga Life is a new wearable device that reduces physical and mental stress by interrupting stress signals with pulsed electrical stimulation. There is also a corresponding app available for guided therapies.


  • Following Elon’s comment on Twitter‘s Bookmark functionality being hidden by an ‘obscure IU’, the feature now sits next to likes on posts.
  • In a new partnership, Bumble, an online dating app, and Netflix collaborate to help users connect over their favorite films and TV shows.
  • Shopping app Temu is using TikTok’s strategy to keep its No. 1 spot on App Store, with 5 million+ downloads in January 2023.
  • YouTube to provide more context on policy violations in new updates with time stamps and a ‘Guided Resolution Flow’ to address concerns.

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