OMD FWD: 16th November 2022
17 November 2022

This week’s FWD takes a look at TikTok‘s latest announcement of its 2022 Discover List. The list highlights 50 platform creators that are simultaneously building communities on the platform, advancing creativity, and driving positive impact on TikTok.

As explained by TikTok: “Discover List creators continue to foster a global community on TikTok that celebrates creativity, discover, and authentic expression – they entertain, shine a light on important topics, educate and inspire…these creators impact culture and society as we know it.”

The selected users are separated into 5 categories, each with 10 representatives, including; Changemakers, Foodies, Icons, Innovators, and Originators. TikTok has shared a digital booklet that provides an overview of each creator.


  • Following an influx of fake verified accounts impersonating brands and celebrities, Twitter Blue was paused but is now due to return on 29th November.
  • Meta has announced the launch of a new sports experience in VR called ‘XTADIUM on Meta Quest’, which could help spark more interest in the Metaverse.


  • Citycatt offers users personalized travel itineraries based on travel influencers’ recommendations. The platform offers an aggregation of travel plans in one place that can be shared with co-travelers.


  • Netflix has released an interactive experience called Triviaverse, designed for trivia-loving families for the festive holidays.
  • Google announces AI advances in areas such as generative AI and health AI including text-to-video and language translation.
  • LinkedIn has published a new overview of its range of ad tools and options, along with a downloadable ad guide.
  • YouTube gives live-stream shopping another push, with a new series of shopping streams, and other in-app shopping activations.

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