Online Material Specification

The following specifications are for clients connected to OMD Sweden.





Programmatic Display


  • Accepted file types: JPEG, GIF, HTML5
  • File size: 100 kb
  • Polite load- 100 KB
  • Animation length: Maximum 30 sec


On all GIF ads with partially black or white backgrounds a visible border of a contrasting color to the majority background color of the ad must be added.

Cannot contain auto-video, auto-audio, or auto-expandable.

All HTML5 ads should support the clickTAG variable.

Frame rate no faster than 18 fps.

Pop ups, surveys or any ad that spawns them are not allowed.

Colonizing ads that spawn additional windows or messages beyond the original advertising message are not allowed. Ads must open in a new tab or new window only.

When sending the assets to us, make sure they are validated and approved in this validator:


Google Campaign Manager






Keyword match


  • Maximum weight for desktop: 200kb/format
  • Maximum weight for mobile: 150kb/format
  • Files must be delivered in: JPG , png, gif, HTML 5





Before Flarie starts the production make sure you have shared your invoice details and received an order confirmation.

Convey your expectations for the campaign and share necessary brand instructions such as

Brand Book, assets, photos, product pictures or specific promotional material.

Format for the assets: PNG, PSD file, video 16:9 or 1:1 ratio.

Up to 3 feedback rounds are included in the production.

For any kind of questions regarding the production of the game email [email protected]





Programmatic Video


  • Files MUST be delivered in the format: MP4
  • Maximum weight: 30 MB
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Maximum framerate: 25 fps


Sound limitations

Sound levels should be within

-23.5 to -18 LUFS according to EBU128 and -22 to -17.5 dBFS according to Dolby LM100 in short mode digital input and BS.1770

Integrated Loudness between -24 and -22 with Highest reconstructed Peak Level not above -7

Max PPM peak +4.0 dBu (-14.0 dBFS) (Peak programme meter Type II with the EBU scale (IEC 60268-10 Type IIb), where 0 dBu equals -18 dBFS on the digital scale).

Max sample peak  -7.0 dBFS.


Please use this test tool for audio check:


Video in-stream (Samsung TV Plus)

Supported in stream-formats:

Device: Connected TV

Ad Unit: Midroll

File/Format: MP4

File Compability: VAST2

Max video duration: 25 sec

Max size: 30MB


Video in stream (Discovery+)

Supported in-stream video formats:

Device: Connected TV, Desktop, Mobile

Ad Unit: Preroll and Midroll

File/ Format: MP4 and MOV

File Compability: VAST2, 3 and 4

Max video duration: 25 sec

Max size: 30MB


Outstream (SeenThis)


Send us existing video assets (16:9 ratio), maximum resolution (no weight limitation) and SeenThis will adapt them for the ordered banner formats according to one of the options below.


What we need

  • Existing MP4 video
  • 30 sec max (as per the limitations in the buying system, but we can help trim to preferred length)



What you get

  • Video cropped or borders added to suit appropriate formats
  • Borders blurred for the video to suit appropriate formats


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