OMD FWD: 2nd September 2021
2 septiembre 2021

After launching its ‘Trends’ platform last week, Snapchat’s ‘Scan’ feature will act as a virtual search engine to help users identify the world around them. The next generation of the AR feature will allow users to identify anything from clothing to dog breeds, while also helping them to discover millions of AR effects that are made by Snap’s creator community. How cool!



  • TikTok launches new API ? TikTok is making it easier for brands and agencies to work with influencers by allowing them to integrate directly with its platform ‘Tik Tok Creator Marketplace’.
  • Google enhances listings ?️ Google has released new product listing and discovery options such as shipping and returns annotations, to help brands maximize digital listings ahead of Christmas.


  • Live coaching with Coach Hub ? Coach Hub is a mobile cloud platform that provides personalized coaching to employees at all career levels. Live coaching sessions are offered via video conferencing from certified coaches located around the world.


  • 92% of TikTok users say they take some form of action after watching a TikTok video (such as liking, sharing or purchasing/researching a product).
  • A third of online shoppers say that Facebook and Instagram help them to discover new products and services during the holiday season.
  • Digital advertising accounted for more than 40% of UK marketing budgets in 2021.
  • LinkedIn has launched a 9-page ‘Ultimate Glossary of Brand Building Terms’ to help demystify marketing jargon.


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