Nespresso brings tastes of the world home to Hong Kong
OMD Hong Kong
9 March 2021

Click here for the news report of Nespresso’s campaign driven by OMD and PLUG

Nespresso‘s World Explorations campaign went live 9th of March 2021. The digitally-led campaign, devised by PR agency PLUG and driven through media agency OMD, introduces World Explorations – a coffee range inspired by six vibrant international cities.


With more coffee connoisseurs than ever augmented by the growing number of young Hong Kongers with a sense of adventure, OMD targeted and identified the passion points of two key audience segments, Coffee Aficionados, and Go-getting Young Adults. Knowing those coffee lovers are also keen Travel, Food & Drink enthusiasts and those younger adults are especially interested in Music, PLUG sought rising star Hong Kong singer-songwriter Terrance Lam to be featured in a video showcasing how Nespresso World Explorations transports you on a sensory journey to different cities.


In the video, one sip of coffee can transport you to each of the World Explorations cities, from a zen pagoda in Tokyo to feeling the rhythmic jazz of Cape Town or sitting down to a gourmet breakfast in Stockholm. The possibilities of these experiences offer Hong Kongers both a much-needed sense of adventure and a taste of different cultures at a time when travel is limited.


To build awareness on Nespresso World Explorations, OMD leveraged YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Programmatic to reach out to consumers. OMD further amplified the campaign’s exposure by utilizing key 3rd party social partners that speak to Coffee Aficionados and Go-getting Young Adults, such as UMagazine, holiday smart & Gotrip Hong Kong.


“Nespresso World Explorations allows coffee lovers to be transported to some of the world’s most vibrant cities through coffee, and together with PLUG & OMD, we have created a media campaign that invites Hong Kongers to embark on a sensory journey with Nespresso – and Terrance Lam,” says Justin Lam, Business Executive Officer of Nespresso Hong Kong & Macau. “Through this campaign, we wanted to showcase how one can experience different cultural traditions in Hong Kong – all it takes is a sip of Nespresso coffee.”



Alana Zervos                                      

Marketing Communications Manager, Omnicom Media Group Hong Kong

E-mail: [email protected]

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