OMD I-Score Influencer Ranking
18 junio 2019

The OMD I-Score was born out of a desire to create a system that uses A.I. and machine learning to find the most authentic matches between Influencer talent and brands.

It was conceived as a variation of the Q Score, a system that rates celebrities, brands or entertainment properties based on familiarity, popularity and likability. The I-Score is different in that it factors demographic, contextual, and psychographic analysis to determine the authenticity of the match between social media Influencers and brands. In addition, the system can detect paid vs. organic brand mentions, bot followers, and it also measures brand safety by way of MPAA-style ratings, similar to the way that movies receive their ratings.

Influencer marketing is becoming a key facilitator in reaching consumers and presenting a brand through a positive and solution-oriented lens.

At OMD, we recognize the benefits Influencers can provide and are committed to creating an educated and transparent identification, and evaluation approach for our clients, utilizing our exclusive OMD I-Score™.

As brands continue to leverage and invest in Influencer voices, it’s critical to understand who best resonates authentically with an audience. Meaningful conversation from Influencers helps brands drive relevancy and unique perspective.

In this OMD I-Score 2019 report, we identify the top 20 Influencers across 12 product verticals, showcasing the most effective Influencer voices and insights into why they are successful.

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