OMD FWD: 25th June 2020
25 6 月 2020

The global pandemic has shown the world just how innovative brands can be. To celebrate innovation and keep our finger on the pulse, we’re launching a brand new section in FWD that will highlight the latest in start-ups and products. This week, we have featured a new hand sanitiser product from WI Labs.


As Pride Month 2020 almost draws to a close, take a look at how big tech has celebrated online. The virtual celebrations even made it onto the hit game Animal Crossing: New Horizons.



  • Twitter takes on audio content ?️ The social networking service is trialing a new type of tweet. Users will be able to record what they want to say and post it out to their followers. Sounds amazing!
  • Keen to hear the latest news? ?️ Keen, the new content discovery service from Google, has a cute story behind it. It was born as a couple were chatting about which activities are important to them.
  • Apple’s WWDC 2020 went virtual ? The famous conference took place online for the first time ever! But the lack of contact didn’t stop the exciting news. Click here to check out the latest on iOS.
  • Netflix knows exactly what’s up ? You know when you’re just not feeling your Netflix choice? Well fear no more. The new ‘remove from row’ feature will give you more control of the homepage.


Start-up news:

  • Go.C Sanitiser is the latest accessory? WI Labs specialise in wellness innovation products, and their latest project involves a reusable hand sanitiser dispenser. It’s easy-to-use and eco-friendly! What more could you want?



  • Facebook announced that it will give $100 million to the Black community through cash grants, ad credits and to content creators.
  • App marketers spend 42% of their app install budgets on video advertising, making it the most popular way to drive downloads.
  • A survey by We Are Social and GlobalWebIndex has found that 23% of social media users still feel the need to post content that portrays a more ‘polished’ version of their life.
  • Gen Z and millennials are loving eCommerce! Since the pandemic began, 33% of these consumers have increased their online spending.