OMD FWD: 23rd October 2020
23 octubre 2020

The coolest spot to watch your favorite artists LIVE right now is from…your phone! As the live entertainment industry continues to struggle in the wake of COVID-19, social media platforms are coming to the rescue.


Almost every platform has integrated a live stream feature. Instagram has even rolled out a «Live donation experience». Badges will now appear alongside comments, when the commenter has paid, to recognize their contribution.


Read on to discover more fun facts about the live stream revolution plus the latest social media updates to Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.



  • Snapchat is bringing Sounds ? Good news Apple iOS Snapchat users! You can now add songs to Snaps & Stories. The feature launched with an exclusive preview of Bieber’s latest song.
  • Messenger has had a face lift ?‍⚕️ Messenger users may have noticed a new logo pop up with with a color gradient tone. Facebook says it reflects a dynamic shift to the future of messaging.



  • Farming has gone futuristic ?️ Plenty is a vertical high-tech indoor farm emerging across the US. The methods eliminate GMOs and pesticides; and they’ve reduced the amount of water and land needed to harvest various crops.



  • According to the Streamlabs Q3 2020 Industry Report, audiences watched over 7.46 billion hours of content across all live streaming platforms.
  • Ticketed livestream performances could make serious money. Pollstar reports that artist, Laura Marling, sold 4,500 tickers for her show in June.
  • Snapchat’s user numbers surged during the pandemic to 249 million people using the app daily. This is an 18% jump year-on-year.

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