#1 position in RECMA ranking reinforces decisions made during the pandemic
27 octubre 2021

OMD Ranked Best Performing Global Media Network with North America, EMEA and Central East Europe Regions All Ranked #1

Eighteen months ago, we faced one of the most uncertain times in our industry. With the disruption of the pandemic and shifting consumer expectations, clients were asking how to refine their marketing and communications to appropriately respond.

At OMD, we needed to effectively guide our clients on the best actions they should take to ensure long-term recovery. This included when and where they should return to market, how to re-organize agency structures to deliver integrated consumer journeys more accurately, and how to help clients acknowledge the changing landscape with actionable steps to improving diversity, equality and inclusion across the industry. And we had to do all of this from our kitchen tables.

OMD retains top spot in RECMA rankings

How OMD has successfully adapted to these seismic and industry re-defining changes is reflected in the latest edition of the Network Diagnostics report from RECMA (Research Company Evaluating the Media Agency Industry), where we have been named the best performing global media network. The analysis reviews 18+ agency performance diagnostics, categorized into structure which scores the quality of agency expertise in digital programmatic, data analytics, and marketing & brand consultancy, as well as analysis into the breadth & depth of client portfolio and stability of these relationships. The ranking also evaluates “vitality” metrics, such as new business competitiveness, growth of capabilities and leadership strength & stability.

Retaining the top position from the March 2021 report, we have widened our lead over our closest competitor with a total score of 2,192 points – 360 points higher than the second ranked network. This gap of 16% far exceeds deltas previously seen by the leading agency and its nearest competitor, and it highlights OMD’s position as the standout performing agency in an otherwise clustered ranking where the next four agencies share just 86 points difference.


Source: RECMA. Index discloses the distance to the leader to enable easy comparisons. Network 1 = index 100; Network n°2= ratio between network n°2 and the leading network in points


Regional market focus

A breakdown of the global ranking shows OMD owning the number one positions in North America, EMEA and Central Eastern Europe regions, powered by top ranked countries Australia, Russia, USA, Greece, Denmark & Slovakia. OMD’s top performance reflects the service and offer that enabled us to help our clients protect, and in many cases grow their business amid unprecedented economic disruption and marketplace volatility.

Continuing to deliver Better decisions, faster

The ranking follows a three-year organizational transformation that began with us realigning our offer and operations around a brand promise of Better decisions, faster, leading to an incredible 16 consecutive quarters of new business growth (as of September 2021). This result would not be possible without the 12,000 strong OMD team around the world, who have gone above and beyond to deliver consistently for our clients.

Investing in and planning for, the Attention revolution

Long before COVID-19 created a crisis in consumer attention, the industry was in a measurement crisis. Media’s increasing digitalization has accelerated the fragmentation of consumers’ attention, resulting in time spent with an advertisement to be a truly sacred commodity. Leading the industry in attention-based planning, OMD has partnered with Amplified Intelligence and Prof. Karen Nelson-Field, to conduct research to measure an ad’s attention effectiveness. Recognizing OMD’s leadership in attention, OMD Worldwide’s Chief Strategy Officer Chrissie Hanson, the architect of the agency’s Attention-Based Planning agenda, has been a prominent speaker at key industry events such as AdWeek, ANA Member’s Conference and The Future of Media on the Attention revolution, and how this can deliver effective business outcomes for brands. You can find out more on our Attention journey here.

Innovating for a crisis of attention

The pandemic created a crisis of attention, as we recognized that consumers were distracted and not paying attention to marketing messages. In addition, billions in ad-spend was pulled from the market, as the industry focused on short-term survival options.

To better understand how brands could navigate market conditions during this time and ensure long-term recovery, OMD built and launched the Fast Start Dashboard (FSD) – a single-source solution that houses real-time data covering key business drivers, market signals, consumer sentiment, trends in media behavior and the media supply chain. The FSD enables hyper-localized intelligence on a global scale, from over 30 countries, giving clients the visibility they needed in making the right decisions for their businesses, in near real-timeto sustain media ROI. The Fast Start Dashboard has been officially recogonized as the leading industry data analytics solution by the MarTech Breakthrough Awards, which you can find out more about here.

Aligning with the FSD, we also launched the Rapid Response Global Series which provides a short, succinct OMD point of view on situational market data, industry trends and partner announcements. With over 200 reports created to date, these weekly slices of innovation are a short read and keep our clients, and our people, on top of the industry’s hot topics.

Omni: precision marketing and insights in an ever-changing world

Our ability to integrate these services and innovations is underpinned by Omni, our collaborative, holistic precision marketing and insights platform.  It allows our teams to develop insights to create, plan and deliver the most impactful messages, content and communications at each stage of the consumer journey, maximizing efficiency and ROI.

Completing the puzzle is OMD Design, our guiding end-to-end planning process, an additional layer built into the Omni platform to delve deeper into our focused Commerce offering, and ensure smarter strategic solutions are optimized.  After over 2,400+ hours of training, 956 OMDers worldwide are now certified in our OMD Design x Commerce offering, with 94% of those coming from EMEA, with the program highly rated by our people as 8.1/10.

Investing in our people

In addition, we invest heavily in training our people to ensure they are experts in our tools and can deliver Better decisions, faster and superior business outcomes for our clients. Programs range from TEAMS basics, to in-depth training on our holistic marketing platform, Omni, fluid end-to-end process OMD Design and the Fast Start Dashboard. To date, we have delivered 11800 + certifications worldwide, and we are pleased to say there are 4600 certified OMDers across EMEA who have successfully completed at least one course.

OMD USA’s latest recruitment initiative, The Nest, looks to address two roadblocks in the industry: how to recruit more diverse staff and how to address the talent pool drought. The Nest is a paid fellowship program that functions as an expedited marketing education and candidates are offered a full-time position at OMD when they complete the six-month program.


Thanks to these initiatives, teams globally are able to showcase our creativity, better analysis and predictive insights and technology capabilities to deliver connected, personalized and seamless brand experiences for their respective customers at all touch points of the consumer journey. It’s clear from this positive momentum that our strategic focus and the decisions we made throughout the pandemic are leading to positive results. These results once again reflect our ability to adapt and respond to the changes in the market and deliver through economic cycles.

This is further evidenced by the fact that OMD is also the #1 in RECMA Overall Activity Volume ranking with $36.7 billion with almost 10% of industry shares. Adding another accolade to a successful 2021, where OMD has been the most medalled agency network at the 2021 Cannes Lions Festival; and is currently the top ranked media agency in the Effies Index, which measures agency effectiveness.

Read more on the RECMA rankings via MediaPost.


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