Four fundamental aspects of E-commerce
Camila Bellingeri
27 Agosto 2020

There are four fundamental aspects that will make the ecommerce endeavor successful. These are directly related to the consumer looking for a solution:


  • products/service selection
  • immediate availability
  • price
  • purchase experience.


When entering an online store, the consumer will expect to find the products and services they are looking for. They need to be available whenever they want or need them, the price be correct and adequate to the market, and finally, that the purchase process is simple and efficient.


The last one is what we call client experience or CX, which is the most important aspect of them all. This will determine whether purchases will be completed or abandoned.


According to a survey conducted by Baymard, a research institute that specializes in ecommerce and user-experience studies, 55% of clients leave the shopping cart due to delivery charges being too high. 34% leave as the site asks for a registration in order to complete the purchase. Other reasons include long or complex paying processes and technical issues, such as speed or page loading problems.


To create a satisfactory CX, the purchase process must be transparent and have as few steps as possible. This ideally includes several paying/delivery options and no technical issues. This will contribute to a higher sales rate and users that will come back later to purchase again.


It’s important to have an ecommerce development specialized team that is experienced enough to find an integral ecommerce solution, and that covers all the stages involved in the development of an online store. From conducting an audit and diagnostics, to understanding the current situation of the brand in its digital context, this is essential to the development of a full ecommerce site.


Our solutions will be perfectly adapted to our client’s needs. Some already have a site of their own and some currently have an indirect channel via another partner.


One of the main objectives is that this service improves the purchase experience in order to increase sales, which will improve their conversion rates and ROI.


The constant and rapid growth in the digital world, combined with the increase in social distancing, demands the ability to innovate and evolve at the same fast pace to those who want to enter the digital arena.

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