OMD Spain spoke to IPMARK about the different routes of media agencies
9 6 月 2020

OMD Spain Managing Director, Cristina Barranco and Business Transformation Lead, Sergio Martinez spoke to IPMARK about the different routes that media agencies take. This article has been translated into English.


Cristina Barranco, Managing Director 


Doors create small and limited spaces, and at OMD, we think that the future of our business is better in a world without them. The reality that we have lived for the past few months confirms the need for transformation that the industry was already discussing. It has confirmed the plan that we had already started, where empathy, scale and speed underpin our OMD roadmap.

The needs of consumers differ from customers greatly. The one that is using the McDonald’s McDelivery service today requires something very different from what the conglomerate of SMEs in our country needs from Bankia.

The plan that we are continuing today is adaptive. It adds up to a global understanding of the transformation project that we have drawn for each client. The project where integration, generosity, flexibility, transparency and collaboration is key. We are always helping with the best decision-making. Both for today and for tomorrow. Advertising is a social thermometer, as well as playing an important role. At OMD we are committed to building lasting relationships between both brands and consumers, as well as with our customers. This is recognised throughout the market.

In short, there may be only one door for media agencies, except OMD, where there are many. That is why we prefer a strategic plan, with one objective and not multiple ‘doors’, to quickly pick up that change. We like a plan that puts customer results at the centre, pivots on diversification of service and adds value to the business of our customers.


Sergio Martinez, Business Transformation Lead 

In an ambivalent world, we have found empathy to be our best ally. Empathy towards our talent, being the base of the agency. Empathy with consumers, to understand and satisfy them. And empathy with our clients, helping them make the best decisions that are always based on science, without forgetting our origin and creativity.

A world where scale, being the origin of our business, continues to offer a great advantage. Today we can make the best technological developments available to our customers, which when added to what they already have, makes them even better.

We provide technologies for understanding the consumer, the design of connections, the management of the multitude of data that we generate and need for decision making. The global scale also adds up, and we are the first communication group in the world to make all of this happen faster. It is useless to have the best decision, but by the time it is to be implemented, the context has already changed.

OMD works culturally on dynamism, and for years teams have worked with agile methodologies and design thinking techniques. This is also why we develop DOTs, where we connect with start-ups to produce quickly in everything we do.

OMD, an agency without doors, an open agency. Media, creativity and technology help us interpret the data to make the best decisions for our clients. An agency without doors that is built by the best for people, society, and for consumers.