OMD FWD: 23rd September 2021
23 9月 2021

Discovering businesses on social media just got serious! Instagram has added a new ‘map search’ feature in Australia and New Zealand, which enables users to discover locations of interest on an in-app map. Reports say the handy feature will be rolled out to other regions over time. WhatsApp has also joined the club by testing a directory feature that allows users to scan through and contact local shops and services.



  • YouTube’s first-ever podcast! ? Originally famous for watching, YouTube is now embracing the listening world. New episodes will be released every Wednesday, starting September 22nd.
  • TikTok tests pinned video clips ? The feature lets users pin selected videos to the top of their profile display, helping show specific content to profile visitors. Great for giving more control to users.


  • Snacking just got way easier ? Snackpass is an app that allows users to “skip the line, collect reward points, and get discounts at restaurants” nearby. With 500k+ users and counting, this social food ordering service allows users to see what their friends are eating, and to order food and drinks for each other.



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