OMD FWD: 3rd February 2022
3 2 月 2022

The Lunar New Year was rung in this week with the celebration marking the start of the Year of the Tiger. Instagram added some new features to help users celebrate, including new stickers and a custom AR effect.


  • Goodbye FB profile videos 📹 The option to upload a 7-second video clip to your Facebook profile hasn’t been widely used causing the feature to be removed from the platform next week.
  • AR shopping upgrade on Snap 💳 Shopping Lenses users will now have access to real-time product information, and the data shared with brands and partners will also be sent in real-time.


  • Seriously smart exploring ☄️ Vaonis offers various smart-observation devices for cosmic viewing. The start-up has three featured products – Stellina, Vespera, and Hyperia. All three smart-tech devices function as both a telescope and camera.


  • Around 16.7M UK households subscribe to Netflix, a figure that has steadily increased over the past decade, according to Enders.
  • Google Chrome holds 63% of the global browser market—meaning Google is likely to set the standard that others may follow.
  • Up for a game? According to SimilarWeb, The US, Australia and the UK captured 66% of the traffic on the Wordle website.
  • Gen Z (22%) are three times as likely as Baby Boomers to say they were very familiar with the brand values of products they choose.


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