OMD FWD: 18th November 2021
18 Novembro 2021

It’s only mid-November, but the holiday season feels like it’s just around the corner. YouTube is getting into the festive spirit by releasing ‘Holiday Stream and Shop’, to keep consumers in the spending mood off the back of Single’s Day (check out the stats section for its record breaking year) right through to the holidays.



  • Let the Netflix games begin! 🎮 Netflix has officially launched its games on iPhone and iPad, to allow a new way to experience entertainment on mobile. Time for users to try their luck.
  • Snapchat adds ‘Food Scan’ 🍞 In partnership with Allrecipes, the scan feature will help users find recipe ideas by simply scanning in the ingredients that they have available at any given time.


  • Management made simple ⚽ Stack Sports is a SaaS-based startup for sports management. With more than 50 million users across 35 countries, Stack Sports’ software is a solution to streamline day-to-day operations for running a sports organisation.


  • Alibaba’s Singles Day is known for being the world’s biggest online shopping extravaganza. This year it hit a record high of $84.5b.
  • As of this week, Netflix is sharing weekly streaming data. From November 8th 2021, Narcos Season 3 had 50.2 million hours viewed to date.
  • Social media is at an all time high. There is a grand total of 4.55 billion active social media users around the world.
  • According to research by Deloitte, only 48% of Gen Zers worldwide thought businesses were having a positive impact on society.


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