Back to the future: Harnessing the potential of CTV
26 Fevereiro 2021
Miles Pritchard, Head of Technology and Data Strategy at OMD EMEA, spoke to Mediatel on how to combat the identity crisis and support an omnichannel world.


“There are challenges at the moment for advertisers looking to scale their advertising initiatives – third-party cookies are on the way out and authenticated users are at a premium. Brands need to think laterally about how broader activation can be achieved by applying CRM insights and segmentation.

“For instance, customer insights can be generated through traditional CRM processes such as factor analysis, clustering, LTV (lifetime value), and audience modelling. From here we can overlay additional data sets such as census, demographic composition and housing price. Finally, we can put these insights into action through contextual signals in the bid request (digital) and postal code, day-parting and the likes for other offline channels.”

These learnings can then be applied to linear TV strategies where they can currently have greater economic impact.

It doesn’t hurt that by treating CTV as a testing environment, marketers will naturally be learning about a channel which is likely to become increasingly important over the next few years.

To make progress in CTV, it may be a case of going “back to the future” and looking to the strategies that dominated CRM 15 years ago.

It makes sense to see CTV as a learning environment that can influence broader TV strategies, as well as preparing to make the most of a fast-growing and exciting channel.

Marketers can make the most of the opportunities ahead by investing now, dedicating a solid percentage of budgeting to exploring CTV – for example 10% – , and seeking to become leaders in the new market.

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