What is the most important change coming to measurement?
OMD Worldwide
4 noviembre 2021

This article was originally published in Mediatel News.

From attention metrics, third party cookies, first party data, last touch attribution to cross-media measurement; the relative merits and drawbacks of different methodologies is a hot topic.

But what is the most important way for advertisers to gauge effectiveness of a campaign?

Mediatel News spoke to four media leaders and asked what is the most important change coming to media measurement. Chrissie Hanson, Global Chief Strategy Officer at OMD Worldwide, who led a discussion at The Future of Media with Prof. Karen Nelson-Field on the Attention revolution, shares her view.

«The battle to better define how we should measure real Human Attention accurately, to drive better brand and business outcomes, is upon us. However, our industry’s obsession with quick wins and easy solves poses a major risk to advertisers that do not spend the time to take a disciplined approach to assessing solutions.»

She continues, «It’s not enough to plan with Attention and buy with (Advanced) Viewability. The application of Attention data to budgeting, market mix modelling, media planning and buying is happening, and being validated. It’s critical to make sure the quality of your Attention data is up to scratch.»

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