The Cannes Lions Live Debrief 2021
12 3 月 2021

View our Cannes Lions Live Debrief here.


Lions Live took to the virtual stage for its third edition in March 2021. Now adept in the world of virtual events, OMDers tuned into the sessions to gain insights into the speakers’ philosophies, learnings, and views on the future of, pretty much everything. Throughout the last year, the world has been forced to adapt. We have seen a shift in values and a new priority of importance. We have all altered our ways of living, our ways of working, our views on empathy, and our approach to creativity. The explosion of creativity witnessed throughout 2020, offers both short- and long-term opportunities for brands to seek new roads to creativity and learn new ways to use empathic communications to talk to their ever-changing audiences.

Perhaps, therefore, it is no surprise that one of the topics covered at length during Lions Live, a festival dedicated to recognising and promoting creativity, was that of bravery. Inspirational talks spoke of how navigating uncertainty can lead to strength and strength can lead to bravery and empowerment. Empowerment to take creative approaches, empowerment to speak up when we witness something that is morally wrong, and bravery to set our clients in new directions, especially during times of volatility. We understand, now more than ever, that we cannot control everything, but we can succeed in the face of uncertainty by finding ways to address challenges, nurture innovation and harness creativity.

Our coverage of Lions Live will look in-depth at three themes: future leaders, driving great work in an empathetic world and the evolution of data and digitisation. As always, sharing our OMD point of view, and what implications and opportunities these insights have for brands.


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