Salesforce partners with Omnicom to launch Omni-CDP integration
OMD Worldwide
29 June 2022

Omnicom has announced the integration of Omni into the recent Salesforce CDP app exchange launch. The Omni app will enable Omnicom clients to realize the combined benefit of Salesforce’s 1PD collection & unification alongside Omni’s extensive consumer insights, targeting, and campaign measurement capabilities. Significant benefits to clients include the combined benefit of Salesforce’s 1PD collection & Omni consumer insights and multiple identifiers achieving the strongest matches.

The initial release will focus on U.S activity. The following releases will support other geographies, utilizing Omni’s global data orchestration capabilities to connect clients’ 1DP across walled gardens and local publisher partners to deliver unique consumer insight and cross-channel activation and measurement.

The app will focus on privacy-safe capabilities, connecting clients’ 1PD into Omni in a secure way. The fast and frictionless integration will deliver several planning, activation, and measurement benefits, including the ability to analyse clients’ consumer data against Omni’s consumer datasets.

The app will also focus on growing robust audience strategies. Clients’ 1DP can be seeded to create, scale, and activate unique 1P-based audiences across programmatic, social, and advanced TV channels, enabling audience-first attribution to identify the most effective strategies and tactics. Now, clients can scale look-alike audiences, unified owned and paid experiences, and audience suppression in the most impactful ways.

This partnership will allow the integration of Omni Custom Audiences into the Salesforce CDP for seamless activation across owned, earned, and paid media channels.

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