Responding Rapidly in 2021
OMD Worldwide
16 December 2021

2021 will be remembered as the year the world returned to a new normal, as we navigated new, unprecedented economic, cultural and technological realities. We want to extend our utmost gratitude to our clients, our partners and our people who, despite these unforeseen circumstances, have demonstrated unlimited quantities of empathy, resilience and community. We are truly humbled by what we have achieved together and by the work we continue to do as partners, day in and day out. 

As we prepare to enter 2022, we take a moment to acknowledge these successes, reflect on lessons learned, and take stock as we set our ambition for the new year. Keeping abreast of rapid changes in media, technology and culture has never been more important. Every week, we create and circulate ‘Rapid Response’ reports which ensure our clients, and our teams have their fingers on the pulse of key issues and opportunities, globally. In these weekly updates, we summarize important events and developments, exploring, advising and predicting how each will impact brands and their evolving relationships with consumers. Faster learning fuels better and faster decision making, which is today’s recipe for competitive advantage. All decisions need to be based around local realities which differ around the world, however many of the underlying drivers are global. 

In reflecting on the year, we’ve created Responding Rapidly in 2021 – an e-book which consolidates and expands on our weekly reports, with the aim of helping to make sense of the many directions of change since the start of the pandemic, to help frame priorities for 2022 and for the longer-term – in our continued aim of elevating the agency/client relationship from transactional to transformative.  

This e-book analyses market trends and industry drivers throughout the year, from the shifting media landscape and audience consumption patterns, and explores what will drive the shift in 2022 – from policy and brand safety to acceleration in the tech space, and polarization of culture. 

It also highlights our commitment to empathy-based planning as the path to deeper understanding of multicultural perspectives, and provides insight on our mission to turn all the intellectual effort that has gone into considering attention as a metric into activation and a usable KPI. All helping brands to connect with consumers across cultural and societal barriers, and deliver better business outcomes for our clients.  

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