Omni Digest | Episode 1: Introducing the power of Omni

Omni Digest is a 12-part series exploring the benefits, use cases, and competitive advantage that Omni, Omnicom’s marketing orchestration platform, brings everyone at OMD.

Leaders from OMD and Annalect globally, regionally, and locally, will come together to discuss the power of Omni. They will cover everything from how Omni is supercharging growth for clients, how partner data is integrated, how applications to drive efficiencies are created, and much more.

In this first episode George Manas, OMD Worldwide’s CEO sits down with Slavi Samardzija, Annalect Worldwide’s CEO, to discuss how OMD and Annalect are working together to drive business transformation for clients through the use of Omni. They examine how clients’ data is integrated within Omni’s framework and the roadmap for measurement, which supports clients in making every dollar accountable. And importantly, they discuss the talent across both agencies utilizing initiatives, such as Omni Certification, to ensure proficiency in the platform.

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