OMD Italy meets OMD Shanghai

While Italy is taking the first steps into Phase 2, China has entered the heart of what we call the “new normality”.

Valentina Salice (Head of Business Development), Luca Centurioni (Strategic Director), Antonio Montesano (Head of Digital) at OMD Italy had a video chat with Kevin Mann (General Manager for New Business Development and Marketing) and Mimi Lu (Head of Strategy) at OMD Shanghai to share some key points and insights about what ‘new normal’ means for people, brands and communication.

They have discovered four main truths about life and consumption before and after the pandemic in China:

  • Compensation is the real truth behind ‘‘revenge spending’’
  • Live streaming is the common boundary between farming and luxury
  • TikTok, Alibaba and Wechat are shifting from one service platform to an evolving ecosystem
  • ‘‘Do not forget, but move on’’ is a mantra that is being seen for post-COVID communication

Have a look at the video to learn more!

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