OMD FWD: 4.01.2023
OMD Worldwide
12 January 2023

This week’s FWD first covers findings from Snapchat’s new Gen Z consumer study, in partnership with Omnicom Media Group, which investigates how brand messaging on social media affects Gen Z’s purchase intention. Key analysis reveals that Gen Z consumers tend to stay loyal to brands that speak about social issues and social change.

Snapchat highlights that “context matters for this generation and how brands show up – through messaging and media selection. If brands nail these two concepts, they’re already winning”. The study also showed that content consumption by Gen Z is driven by a desire to keep up-to-date and seek content that aligns with their values and lifts their spirits and engagement.


  • Neutrogena unveils AI-generated 3D-printed skin supplements which break down your unique demagogical profile and then 3D prints. The technology will be on display at CES this week.
  • Next week, Chipotle will be the first restaurant brand to launch a wellness Snapchat Lens, including meditation prompts and exercises targeting Gen Z audiences.


  • Doist is a productivity software company offering products to support work-life balance. These include ‘Todoist’, a tool to help organize work and life, and ‘Twist’, a collaboration app encouraging focus and creativity in daily life.


  • YouTube released an updated ‘Advertiser Friendly Guidelines’, which dictate what content is eligible for monetization in the app.
  • LinkedIn previews 2023 features, including new job category filters aligning with trending careers and improved search options for product listings.
  • Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri outlines creativity, connections, and passions as key areas of focus in 2023 for the app.
  • Casetify, a tech accessory brand, creates a kinetics chain-reaction machine to showcase its most protective phone case.

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