OMD FWD: 29.03.2023
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30 March 2023

This week’s FWD covers the latest on plans to ban TikTok in the US. In the lead-up to TikTok’s CEO Shou Zi Chew appearing before a US House committee last week, a group of content creators protested in Washington and were joined by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. During the hearing, TikTok’s CEO was asked questions from both parties about national security and other concerns involving the app.

TikTok now has more than 150 million users in the US, and despite the protests in support of the social network, authorities appear to be set on pushing ahead with restricting the platform. At the end of the week, Kevin McCarthy, the US House of Representatives speaker, announced that lawmakers will continue to move forward with legislation to address national security concerns on TikTok.


  • A series of AI-generated images of the pope wearing a white puffer jacket went viral, showing how difficult it will be to distinguish reality from AI in the future.
  • The latest Apple iOS 16.4 update includes; 21 new emojis, Voice Isolation on cellular calls, Safari push notifications, VoiceOver support in maps, and more.

Latest Innovation:

  • Be My Eyes contains a new image-to-text generator powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4. Via the app users can send images to a Virtual Volunteer to provide instant identification, interpretation, and conversational visual assistance.

Latest Insights:

  • From Chatbots to RL to GANs, The Drum has created an essential AI glossary for marketers.
  • Snapchat provides tips on how to maximize platform presence to ‘Snap Stars’, a new influencer promotional program.

Video of the Week:

In this week’s Omni Digest episode, OMD USA’s Chief Data and Technology Officer, Sébastien Hernoux, chats data clean rooms and data science utilities with Anne Nguyen, Director of Data Science at Annalect.

Annalect’s clean rooms technology enables brands to collaborate with media partners and advertising agencies securely, facilitating planning, activation, and measurement with data access controls to safeguard their data.

You can watch or listen to this week’s full episode now.

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