OMD FWD: 23.08.2023
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23 August 2023

This week’s top story covers Snapchat’s generate AI expansion. The expansion began earlier this month with the launch of its AI-powered chatbot My AI, which can now respond with a Snap back.

This week Snapchat announced plans to further its AI expansion with “Dreams.” The new feature allows users to experiment with AI images containing themselves and their friends with imaginative backgrounds. In addition to users putting themselves in AI “Dreams.”


Instagram Chronological Order: Instagram users in Europe will get a chronological feed for Stories and Reels later this month. The new feature will give users “more control” over their experiences.

Amazon Expands Ads: Amazon is expanding its cost-per-click Sponsored Product ads to include placements on select third-party apps and websites, including Pinterest, Mashable, and BuzzFeed.

X updates in-stream link previews: X is changing how link previews are presented in-stream, which could affect posting strategies. The link headline and preview text will now be removed, and just the head image will remain.

TikTok Holiday Marketing Guide: TikTok has released its 2023 holiday marketing guide, which includes tips and insights to help map out holiday campaigns. Download the full 17-page guide (with email sign-up) here.


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