OMD FWD: 23.03.2023
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23 March 2023

This week’s FWD covers the latest from Google. Yesterday, Google opened early access to its ChatGPT equivalent, Bard. This release is a major step in Google’s journey in deploying AI, and users in the UK and the US can join a waitlist to try the technology here.

Like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Bard offers users a blank text box and an invitation to ask questions about any topic and a place where users can bounce ideas off of, generate writing drafts, or just chat about life, according to Google.

Project leads Sissie Hsiao, and Eli Collins said that Bard is “an early experiment” and is “intended to help people boost their productivity, accelerate their ideas, and fuel their curiosity.” They also characterize Bard as a product that lets users “collaborate with generative AI.”


  • In a bid to avert a US ban, TikTok will descend dozens of TikTok creators to Washington for 3 days this week, to hold a press conference as a means to sway opinion and influence policy.
  • Mercedes announced plans to invest billions of dollars to modernize its plants in China, Germany, and Hungary as the car manufacturer prepares to switch to electric vehicles and cut emissions.

Latest Innovation:

  • Duolingo releases a new subscription Duolingo Max that includes OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology. The new tier allows users to roleplay in real-world conversations and get explanations for right and wrong answers.

Latest Insights:

  • Elon Musk has revealed that Twitter will open-source its algorithm on March 31st.
  • LinkedIn launches AI-powered features for profile optimizations and job listings.

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