OMD FWD: 19.04.2023
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19 April 2023

This week’s FWD covers the latest from TikTok. Montana has approved a bill banning TikTok in the state, the first of its kind in the U.S., and now awaits the Governor of Montana’s signature or veto. The bill would make it illegal for mobile app stores to allow Montana residents to download TikTok (effective January 1, 2024) but would allow TikTok users that already have the app to keep using it.The bill would fine an app store or TikTok $10,000 per day every time a user “is offered the ability” to access or download the app – TikTok users would not be personally penalized.


  • An AI-generated Drake and The Weeknd collaboration has gone viral on TikTok, with 10+ million views. The creator said this is “just the beginning” for AI deep fakes in the music industry.
  • Google encourages advertisers to transition to Search Ads 360 platform before April 2024 to benefit from a more efficient and user-friendly experience with cross-channel campaigns.

Latest Innovation:

  • Snackpass is the new standard for quick-serve restaurants. The eCommerce startup saves companies thousands in labor costs and delights customers with an all-in-one platform designed specifically for quick-serve restaurants.

Latest Insight:

  • Snapchat announces new integration with Rockerbox to provide marketing performance insights to help Snapchat advertisers maximise marketing performance.
  • Instagram adds a new Reels Creation Flow that shows trending songs and hashtags on Reels, with usage statistics.

OMG News:

TikTok announces 2023 TikTok Agency Accelerator Program participants, including OMD, PHD, and Resolution Digital.

TikTok has announced the 30 future media agency leaders selected to participate in the 2023 TikTok Agency Accelerator Program cohort in Australia, including OMD, PHD, and Resolution Digital.

Future media agency leaders selected include Andrea Maldonado Potter, Group Digital Director at PHD, Callum Henderson, Digital Director at PHD, Catriona Barthram, Head of Communication Planning for McDonald’s at OMD, Hattie Dinger, Partnerships Director at OMD Create, Nolan Yu, Strategist at OMD, and Dee Hamza, Client Partnerships Account Director at Resolution Digital.

The three-day program aims to further up-skill the next generation of media industry professionals through captivating commentary and insights into the ever-evolving ad space.

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