OMD FWD: 12.04.2023
OMD Worldwide
13 April 2023

This week’s FWD covers the announcement that Twitter Inc. has merged into X Corp as part of the next evolution of the app. The change links back to Elon Musk’s vision for an ‘everything app’, which he has referred to as X.

Musk’s vision for the app provides similar, all-encompassing functionality to how WeChat has become an essential utility in China. Chinese citizens do everything in the app – from paying bills to buying public transport tickets, registering their details, grocery shopping, etc.


  • ChatGPT has been disabled for users in Italy at the request of the Italian Garante (Italian Data Protection Authority) following a data breach.
  • Strava collaborates with Spotify to create a new in-app integration that allows users to easily access music and podcasts while tracking activity.

Latest Innovation:

  • Clockify is a digital start-up that has created time-tracking software for Microsoft Teams. The free tool is now used by millions of users and by top companies like Disney, Sony, Amazon, and more.

Latest Insights:

  • TikTok shares insight on how to boost brand exposure by connecting with topical communities.
  • New YouTube Premium features include content queuing and Watch Together to help boost subscription revenue.

Video of the Week: Omni Digest Episode 12

The latest episode of Omni Digest is available now and marks the end of the Omni Digest series in partnership with Annalect.

Meaghan Murphy, Head of Client Operations & Delivery at OMD Worldwide, is joined by Adam Gitlin, President of Annalect, to discuss how Omni helps to deliver operational efficiency and effectiveness.

The pair take a deep dive into Omni’s scaled capabilities, like how Omni is becoming more automated, the potential for AI, and how we achieve faster, more flexible global and local outputs without compromising on data quality.


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