OMD FWD: 11.01.2023
OMD Worldwide
12 January 2023

This week’s FWD covers CES 2023 and one of the major themes from this year’s event; the use of data clean rooms in marketing analytics. During an insight-packed panel at CES moderated by OMD, panelists from The Clorox Company, Wells Fargo, and InfoSum, discussed clean room technologies right now and predictions for the future. They also highlighted how to futureproof marketing analytics for businesses and changes to attention metrics.

Sébastien Hernoux, OMD USA’s Chief Data & Technology Officer, said that “there are many nuances when you think about adopting clean rooms; it’s an entirely different skill set needed to get the most out of the investment. You also don’t want to chase another shiny object without the proper data strategy, analytics, and tech-forward talent in place.”

Brian Lesser, CEO of InfoSum, explained that clean room technology gives control back to publishers and advertisers whilst respecting consumer privacy from planning, activation, and measurement. Both Clorox and Wells Fargo said they were partnering with companies like OMD and InfoSum to adopt clean room technologies.


  • Pinterest announced a partnership with LiveRamp to implement data clean rooms for Pinterest ad partners, enabling brands to utilize first-party data for ad targeting.
  • Backed by government funds, Ukrainian startups showcased new tech at CES such as a medical device that notifies nurses of abnormal heart rates.


  • OneThird unveiled the avocado scanner at CES, designed to reduce food waste at the supermarket by scanning if an avocado is perfectly ripe or not. The scanners are being tested in a range of Canadian supermarkets.


  • Microsoft plans to integrate AI-powered ChatGPT into its search engine Bing, enabling users to conduct conversational searches in the app.
  • Twitter outlines a roll-out plan for alternative feeds, updated bookmark UI, and long-form tweets.
  • Some Microsoft Teams features will move to the new Premium edition. The subscription will also include exclusive features.
  • Forbes releases the top 10 most downloaded apps of 2022, with TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, CabCut, and Snapchat placing top 5, respectively.

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