OMD FWD: 01.03.2023
OMD Worldwide
3 March 2023

This week’s FWD covers the new Mercedes-Benz partnerships with TikTok and Google. The car manufacturer will bring integrations from Google Maps and TikTok into its vehicle systems, creating in-car immersive entertainment experiences and enhance navigation capabilities.

Touchscreens within Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedans will integrate TikTok, allowing both drivers and passengers to browse feeds, following safety measurements whilst the vehicle is moving.

Mercedes-Benz also revealed a long-term strategic partnership with Google, which includes a branded navigation experience that combines in-car data with Google Maps technology – the first application of its kind in the auto category.


  • Canva has launched ‘Canva for Campus’ today, a new paid subscription for universities and colleges giving students, professors etc., access to Canva’s tools and educational templates.
  • Typeface, an AI workflow tool, has secured $65m from major venture capital firms. The tool helps businesses manage their applications of generative AI while addressing brand safety concerns.


  • AGORA beauty app allows users to make and share shoppable videos for their favorite beauty and skincare brands. ARORA strives to be the largest online beauty shopping mall in Europe.

Latest Insights:

  • YouTube’s new head, Neal Mohan, talks 2023 priorities, including AI, podcasting, Shorts and more.
  • TikTok announces official measurement partners to provide 3rd party data on ad placements and performance, further reassuring ad partners.

Video of the Week:

  • In episode 8 of our Omni Digest series, Ellen Griffin, OMD Worldwide’s Managing Director, Client Leadership, and Sarah Darilmaz, Annalect’s Group Director, Applied Omni solutions, delve into how Omni’s Audience Explorer functionality which allows for a true understanding of consumer needs and behaviors.
  • The pair discusses how Omni transforms how we collaborate with our clients, partners, and other agencies, harnessing one unifying data set and creating a unified flow for greater efficiency and visibility.
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