FWD – 22 May, 2024
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22 May 2024

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TikTok launches new media buying certification: TikTok has introduced a new certification program for digital marketers alongside their ‘TikTok University’ initiative for creators. Marketing professionals can now receive an official qualification in media buying, showcasing their expertise on the platform.

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Meta joins AI safety collective: Meta, along with Amazon, will join Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI as members of the Frontier Model Forum (FMF) mission, which will ideally lead to the establishment of high-quality AI safety regulations.

Snap announces partnership with Datahash on CAPI integration: Snapchat has partnered with Datahash to simplify the implementation of its Conversions API (CAPI) for ad partners, enhancing direct campaign performance insights. This update aligns with industry shifts toward privacy-friendly data usage, aiming to boost overall campaign success and ease API integration for more partners.

Microsoft Edge will translate YouTube videos live: Microsoft Edge will soon offer real-time video translation on sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, Coursera, and more. As part of this year’s Microsoft Build conference, the company announced that the new AI-powered feature will be able to translate spoken content through both dubbing and subtitles live as you’re watching it.

TikTok adds watermark technology to AI-generated content: LinkedIn has partnered with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) to introduce labels for AI-generated content within its streams. This collaboration utilizes data tagging to identify and flag AI images.

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