Decoding E-commerce: The State Of Play To Win The Digital Shelf
OMD Worldwide
7 June 2021

Omnicom Media Group Germany’s latest white paper, ‘Decoding E-Commerce’ gives guidance on how to master the challenges of the e-commerce landscape, outlines the current and future media trends, and shares top tips on how to dominate the digital shelves.

“In the future, true competitive advantage will come from the ability to consistently create intuitive and connected experiences. Experiences that not only seamlessly remove friction and anticipate needs, but also reflect personal passions, values, and aspirations.” says Paul Remitz, Omnicom Media Group Germany, CEO.

What used to work for marketers has been challenged by digitalisation, the rise of the platform economy, and then accelerated by the pandemic. Within this emerging ecosystem, e-commerce now connects the poles of branding and sales.


Click here to download the white paper and discover more.

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