After looking back, buyers look forward
OMD Canada
4 11月 2021

As part of a series, CARD Online interviewed eight Canadian media execs on the biggest regrets and surprises they saw after looking back at the year that was. Today, they are looking ahead to see what predictions they have for 2022, as well as the resolutions they hope the industry will take to heart. 


Cathy Collier, CEO of OMD Canada, shared her thoughts…


Predictions: If you could bet on the next big media opportunity for advertisers in 2022 – what would it be?

The next big opportunity for advertisers in 2022 will be recognizing the importance of attention and evolving measurement methodologies to use attention-based metrics to inform media decisions. This year OMD completed global research in partnership with Amplified Intelligence, which made clear that for brands to drive mental availability, they need to focus on getting people’s attention. Mental availability is a metric that’s closely related to changes in market share and is a metric that is widely accepted by marketers as an indicator of brand strength.


Resolutions: What’s one thing you hope the industry plans to start doing, one thing it needs to stop, and one thing you hope it changes in 2022?

Start bringing more diversity to our industry by recruiting at the high school level so more people know earlier about media as an interesting career. There are individual agencies who have started but this is something our industry should work together on.

Stop the race to the bottom by competing less on compensation and rates and more on our media expertise. We run businesses not charities.

Change the way we look at consumer connections. We have spent the past few years focused on data, ingesting it and the pipes it runs through. Our business has become very functional, and we would be well-served to inject consumer empathy into our media solutions. We have a rich history of developing innovative connections between people and brands, which has been lost in recent years.


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