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OMD FWD w/c April 4th

Deliveroo unveiled telepathic food ordering, Honda introduced emoji registration plates, Carlsberg moved into gourmet burgers with The Carlsburger and Virgin Trains offered a 25% discount to customers who were willing to shovel coal. With brands vying for headlines this April’s Fools day, a time when brands are rewarded for being deceptive, impractical and hopefully funny, the million dollar question is, were you fooled? As ever, share anything interesting you spot with #OMDFWD


  • Hot off the press, Twitter has won the rights to stream live NFL Thursday night games
  • It was a poor year for April Fools, but here are the best and worst  including this news grabbing one from Google
  • Speaking of Google, you can now search for animal sounds and have the results delivered in audio



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OMD FWD w/c March 14th

Fed up of sitting on hold? New app Hero lets users message questions and queries directly to restaurants, shops, cinemas, gyms and hotels. Next time you want to check if your favourite restaurant has a free table; whether that stylish shop has those shoes in stock; or what time the latest blockbuster hit is screening at the cinema, you won’t have to spend valuable minutes of your life listening to Coldplay on hold. Read, learn and share away….!!! #OMDFWD





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